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Her professional activity has always been aimed at popularizing the prevention of gynecological diseases and disseminating knowledge in the field of gynecology and obstetrics, which translated into her educational activities, publication of numerous press articles and provision of broadly understood counseling (e.g. on the Gazeta Wyborcza online forum). She also lectured for sex educators. The personal dream of the doctor is to provide Polish women with knowledge and tools, thanks to which they will gain full awareness of, for example, the selected form of contraception, and during the visit to the gynecologist, the patient will be a partner in the conversation.

 According to Dr Antepowicz herself, gynecology is a very universal field, and a specialist gynecologist is in equal parts an internist, family doctor, surgeon and psychologist. Thanks to her professional practice, Dr Antepowicz is aware of the fact that women seek with gynecologist not only professional advice but also support and understanding. It is this huge range of issues that makes gynecology so fascinating to her.

Dr Monika Antepowicz, obstetrician gynecologist, began her medical practice in 1991 at the Bielany Hospital in Warsaw at the Clinical Department of the Postgraduate Medical Center under the direction of famous in medical environment mentor Professor Romuald Dębski. Work in the above ward provided Dr Antepowicz with a comprehensive professional experience , especially in the field of pathology of pregnancy, gynecology, obstetrics and breast diseases. Dr Monika Antepowicz also has extensive experience in treatment of hormonal and menopausal disorders. Her extensive professional practice also includes running a childbirth school, as well as many years of cooperation with the Federation for Women and Family Planning, where she provided her advice on the helpline and conducted educational meetings for women during so-called Open days.



dr Monika Antepowicz

Gynaecologist & obstetrician

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